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Makerspaces Mackay, Inc. (MSMKY) is a place for like-minded people who share similar interests; usually in areas such as computing, electronics, science or art. We are a diverse group who operate open-community workshops in the Mackay, QLD region. Public meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (1pm to 5pm) and Tuesday afternoons (4:30pm to 6:30pm) at:

Makerspaces Mackay, Inc.

Building 4 (CQU City Campus)
Level 2 (Hosted by Split Spaces)
92 Sydney St
Mackay QLD 4740

Join us as a financial member, visit us, talk to our members and ask how, it's low cost.

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For more information see: About Makerspaces Mackay, Inc.

We have a decent collection of tools and equipment, check it out here: Tools at the Space

Visit to learn more about the hackerspace concept.

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