Makerspaces have the following tools and equipment.

Future: Hacker-spaces Grant Round 2






Consumables Costs


Additional Details

Laser Cutter Working

130 Watt CO2 laser,
1000 x 600 x 400

Financial, Inducted members

$5 per hour

Fred Houweling  Laser cutter
Colour Printer/Photo copier Working

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV C3370

Financial Members


Financial Members  
Drill Press Working   Financial, Inducted members 

(Replace damaged bits)

Any inducted  member  
Full Toolkit Complete   Financial, Inducted Members     Contains most tools 
Metal Lathe Working   Financial, Inducted members   Alan  
SMD Reflow station  Working   Financial, Inducted members    Committee Members  
5 Axis CNC Mill Undergoing commissioning process   Financial, Inducted members    Fred Houweling Pocket NCPocket NC 5 Axis Mill
3D Printer 1 Working   Financial, Inducted members    Fred Houweling Flash forge Inventor
3D Printer 2 needs calibration Financial, Inducted members Fred Houweling Delta
3D Printer 3 Cartesian calibrated, needs replacement power supply.   Financial, Inducted members    Andrew  
3D Printer 4 (Dave) Broken, Needs new Z axis stepper motor.   Financial, Inducted members    Andrew   
Power hacksaw Working   Financial, Inducted members    Andrew, Mike   
DIY 3 Axis CNC Mill Under Construction



Financial, Inducted members   Fred Houweling Bearings have arrived, X Axis built, Y Axis construction in progress, Z Axis under construction.

We also have plenty of smaller tools and equipment:- Screwdrivers, socket set, spanners, hex keys, soldering irons, cutters, hacksaws, vices, tap and die thread cutting kit etc.

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